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Pre-Milled Blanks
Available in selected countries only, according regulatory approval.

Used as a raw material for CAM fabrication of a single part (monolithic) titanium abutment.

  • Key Features and Benefits:
  • Original pre-milled implant connection is fabricated with the exact manufacturers tolerances, ensuring a reliable implant to restoration fit
  • Fits Medentika’s ® Preface abutment holder
  • PreFace®abutment holders are available from the
  • following CAM system suppliers: imes-icore 450i ,550i and 750i ;Datron D5; Roders RXD; Wissner Gamma 202, Dental Concept systems DC5 and MB Machinen Cobra Mill 5A1,5M.
  • Abutment screw is included
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