SPI - The Original Spiral Implant
Available in selected countries only, according regulatory approval.

The SPI is the optimal solution for immediate implantation and immediate loading

 The  SPI,  Alpha-Bio  Tec's  leading  implant,  has exceptional self-drilling capabilities and  a unique spiral body design  which  enables  it to change  its  position  during  placement and obtain very high  primary  stability  also  in  very complicated clinical cases.

Clinical advantages:

  • Bone condensing properties and high primary stability
  • Self-directing during insertion
  • Enables the changing of direction for optimal restorative position
  • Enables a smaller osteotomy, resulting in minimal bone loss and reduced trauma
  • Enables narrow ridge expansion
  • Reduces the risk of damaging neighboring teeth
  • Reduces the risk of perforating the lingual or buccal cortex
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