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Mezinárodné stomatologické stretnutie - 12. ročník

Come and visit our booth at the International Dental Meeting -12th Congress, in Slovakia. Our Expert Dr. Yaniv Mayer, a specialist in periodontics and recently elected as president of the Israeli periodontal society, will lecture about: Soft tissue management around implants – simultaneous translation.

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24. máj 2019 (Friday)

09:00 -11:00

13:00 Workshop: BICON short implants.


13:30 -15:00
MUDr. Peter Chaloupka, Christian Merkl (Munich, Germany):
Full-arch with short implants with Trinia material – hope for patients with a large lack of bone.

15:00 -15:30 Coffee break

15:30 -17:15 Dr. Yaniv Mayer. (Haifa, Izrael):
Soft tissue management around implants – simultaneous translation.

17:15 -17:45
Coffee break
17:45 -18:40

18:40 -19:00 Prim. MUDr. P. Barták (Praha):
Immediate implantation in esthetic areas

Prof. MUDr. T. Németh, Dr.Sc. (Praha):
Clinical cases of Periimplantitis.

20:00 Raut

25. máj 2019 (Saturday)

9:15 -10:15 MUDr. I. Čech (Piešťany):
Advanced maxilla resorption – bone reconstruction, prosthetic solutions, and how to prevent difficult cases of augmentation.

10:15 -11:00

11:00 -12:00

12:00 -13:00

Coffee break

MUDr. P. Andel, PhD. (Hlohovec):
3D scan is just a beginning...

MUDr. T. Klamárová (Prešov):
Microbial disbiosis as a basis of oral disease



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Organizer: MUDr. Jozef Ivančo

September 2019
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