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New Improved Design AlphaUniverse Multi Unit Abutment System

Alpha-Bio Tec announced today regarding the global launch of a new, one-piece design for its AlphaUniverse Multi Unit restoration system.
The AlphaUniverse Multi Unit restoration system is intended for use in various clinical procedures in the maxilla and mandible areas for partial or full edentulous. The system enables screw-retained restoration on either straight or tilted implants. It provides stability, durability and high reliability while preserving the soft tissue and the bone to achieve better esthetic results for the patient.
In line with Alpha-Bio Tec's core value of simplicity, the improved design is launched after a meticulous research and development, which resulted in the following key benefits:
* One-piece abutments, provided with a bendable metal holder for easier handling and effortless delivery into the patient's mouth.
* Concaved design promotes soft tissue healing and adaptation.
* A unique, narrower design makes the implant-abutment-soft tissues connection intact.
* Large variety of six different heights for the straight abutments and three different heights for the angled abutments.
* A wide prosthetic cuff enables the use of thicker Porcelain crowns for stronger, more esthetic results.
* All restoration parts remained the same, enabling practitioners to proceed with the well-known workflow.
* Color-coded prosthetic tools for easier identification and stock handling.
* CAD/CAM restoration is available for doctors and technicians working digitally.
"It has already been argued and documented in many clinical cases that when achieving an intact implant-abutment-soft tissues connection, it greatly influences the healing and growth of the tissues surrounding the implant surface", says Ofer Zigman, Alpha-Bio Tec's R&D, Products & CT Department Manager, "This is why our research and development teams work so intensively on products, such as this improved system, that their design is dedicated to maintaining the health of the soft tissues, and as a result, dramatically improve the final aesthetic result for our patients".

* The product is available in selected countries, according regulatory approval.

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