I.C.E. - Implant Classical Esthetics
Available in selected countries only, according regulatory approval.

The  I.C.E.  provides perfect esthetics and clinical results for  all  bone  types,  from  the  simplest  to  the  most complicated cases. It introduces a perfect balance between high primary stability and sensitivity to the bone, which makes it highly suitable implant for immediate implantation and loading.

I.C.E. can be deployed in standard implantations, immediate implantations, immediate loading, and sinus lifts.

Clinical advantages:

  • Provides the best results for all bone types in both simple and complex cases, for all bone types
  • Achieves very high primary stability due to its excellent bone condensing ability
  • Enables much smaller osteotomy in bone types lll and IV
  • Short and long-term stability of the crestal bone
  • Long-term esthetic appearance - the modern, advanced coronal piece maintains the tissues around the implant and creates a very dense, stable crestal bone attachment
  • Perfect balance between high primary stability and gentleness to the bone,  makes it the most suitable        implant for immediate implantation and loading


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