Maximize on Immediacy

The MultiNeO implant is an active implant designed for immediate implant placement.
It enables multiple options & multiple solutions for a variety of procedures & clinical indications, from immediate implantation & immediate loading to sinus augmentation, extreme bone defects, narrow alveolar ridges and more.
A comprehensive prosthetic line is available for all MultiNeO implant connections. 

Implant-Abutment Connections:
Conical Standard (CS) | Conical Narrow (CHC) | Internal Hex (IH)

MultiNeO at a Glance

High primary Stability
High Primary
Increased surface area & BIC
Increased surface
area & BIC
(Bone Implant Contact)
Reduced marginal bone loss
Reduced marginal
bone loss
esthetic results
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Micro Threads, Cutting Flutes &
Platform Switching

  • Reduced pressure on cortical region 
  • Improved bone preservation 
  • High initial stability
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Slightly Tapered Body,
Tapered Core, Variable Threads 
with Micro Threads

  • Osteotome like body
  • High cutting efficiency
  • Fast and controlled insertion
  • Increased surface area
  • Increased BIC
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Narrow Apex with Patented
Centering Feature

  • Easy navigation and penetration
  • Efficient cutting capability
  • High primary stability

Implant Dimensions

Please select the implant dimensions of your choice

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What our customers say about us.

“After years of use, the MultiNeO™ implant has consistently shown outstanding results, namely, no significant cervical bone resorption following implant loading.”

“MultiNeO™ proves how a single implant can deliver measurable, value-added benefits, and achieve remarkable results – every time! ”

“Since integrating MultiNeO™ into my practice in 2019, my experience has been incredible. Its versatility allows me to treat any type of clinical scenario.”