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Clinical and radiological outcomes of a super-hydrophilic bioactive-surfaced implant. Preliminary results of a controlled clinical trial
Posters & White Papers
Effect of Nano scale hydrophilic vs. Sub micron implant surface roughness on BIC in a Rabbit Tibia
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Dental Implant Thread Design and the Consequences on Long-Term Marginal Bone Loss
To present the DFI™ & Spiral™ implant macrostructure effect on marginal bone loss
Clinical Research & Articles
White paper Nina
Clinical Case
Congenitally missing lateral upper incisor implant supported replacement
Using MultiNeO powered by NiNA to replace missing lateral tooth in the upper jaw.
Clinical Case
The use of Multineo™ implant with Nano Hydrophilic Surface NiNA™ in upper and lower full edentulism
Immediate loading of 4 MultiNeO™ powered by NiNA™ upper jaw and 6 MultiNeO CS implants in the lower
Clinical Case
The use of Multineo™ implant with Nano Hydrophilic Surface NiNa™ in the esthetic zone
2 stage technique with the Implantation of one MultiNeO™ powered by NiNA™ implant CHC Ø3.2 x L11.5 mm.
Clinical Case
Multineo NH implants in the posterior mandible
A 54 years old female missing teeth # 45 & 46. Implant placement was performed using MultiNeO NH CS D 3,75/10mm. Two month later, healing abutment were engaged. 80 days postop, temporary bridge with 47 as cantilever was screw retained.
Clinical Case
Shortened time to restoration in the posterior maxilla using Multineo NH implant
37 years old, ASA 1, non-smoker with
missing tooth 26. It was planned to replaced tooth 26 by a crown supported implant. A MultiNeO NH implant 11.5 /3,75 was placed. 9 weeks later, a healing abutment was placed, followed by engagement of a final screwed zirconium Crown (2 weeks later).
Clinical Case
Immediate implantation and restoration of Multineo NH in the aesthetic zone combined with ridge preservation
58 years old female patient with mobile tooth 21. Immediate implantation of
3,75x16mm MultiNeO NH implant, with alveolar ridge preservation using xenograft and L-PR. Digital immediate nonfunctional loading with Ivoclar Telio by Cerec system was engaged.