Graft Alpha Bio

Alpha-Bio Tec. xenobone

Stability and Growth
Bovine Bone Graft material

With Alpha-Bio Tec xenobone™, you provide your patients with predictable, osseo-regenerative, and highly reliable, long-term treatment outcomes. Made from 100% BSE-free, Australian origin cancellous bovine bone, Alpha-Bio Tec xenobone’s multi-porous structure and unique Octacalcium Phosphate (OCP) coating, enhances predictability, bone formation, and stability in any bone regeneration procedure.

Features & Clinical Advantages


Allowing capillaries ingrowth, creating pathways for the osteoprogenitor cells to the regeneration site

rough surface

Enabling the attraction of blood to the graft, an essential step for new bone formation


Promoting osteoblast differentiation and induces new bone formation

Graft Alpha Bio

Clinical Indications

  • Sinus floor augmentation
  • Socket and ridge preservation
  • Vertical and horizontal bone augmentation
  • Bone defect following cystectomies
  • Periodontal defects
  • Peri-implant defects
  • Apicoectomies