The Spiral™ implant is one of the most widely used implants by Alpha-Bio Tec.'s
customers around the world as it a legacy dental solution for a variety of procedures with years of proven clinical success.
The Spiral™ implant is designed with an internal hex connection and is available in a variety of implant diameters & lengths. 
Compatible prosthetic line for Comprehensive prosthetic line for high esthetic results

Clinical Benefits

High primary Stability
High Primary
Increased surface area & BIC
Increased BIC
(Bone Implant Contact)
Reduced marginal bone loss
Reduced marginal
bone loss
Easy & smooth

Micro Rings

  • Reduced Marginal Bone Loss
  • Decreased crestal stress

Slightly Tapered Body, Tapered
Core, with Double &
Variable Threads

  • Osteotome like body
  • Redirecting capability
  • Easy insertion
  • Increased BIC

Narrow Core & Sharp 
& Deep Apical Threads

  • Easy and smooth insertion
  • High primary stability

Implant Dimensions

Please select the implant dimensions of your choice


What our customers say about us.

“ABT’s Spiral implant is perfectly suited to meet our needs, and our patients’ needs, with a wide range of reliable and versatile solutions, and great results.”

“I enjoy using Spiral implants, particularly in immediate post-extraction cases. A robust self-drilling, self-taping implant, it enables perfect manual positioning.”

“Spiral implants enable good primary stability, especially in problematic sites that would be unsuitable for other implant systems or implant designs. ”