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Simplantology, In Everything We Do!

At Alpha-Bio Tec, we address the needs of dental professionals, leverage our experience and technologies, utilize experts and invest in research, training, and education. All these results in Simplantology: cost-effective solutions that simplify dental implantology procedures and deliver proven clinical success.

We leverage our experience and technologies

We leverage our experience and technologies to ensure that our products offer the best value-for-money. For three decades, we have been focused on the development and manufacture of dental implants and their byproducts. Our cutting edge, in-house manufacturing facility, which is operational 24/7, includes a dedicated QA department to ensure the highest possible standards and quality of our products and the provision of a lifetime warranty for our dental implants. 

We Deliver Top-Quality,Simple-to-Use Products

We have mastered the art of simplifying implant technology by developing implants based on two connections - an internal hex connection and a conical hex connection. Created on a "one-platform-fits-all" prosthetic system, they allow dentists to use a single restoration line for each implant platform. Furthermore, the development of all our products – implants, abutments, and surgical tools – takes existing systems into account in order to simplify work and minimize customer learning curves. Consequently, our surgical kit is compatible with all products and includes everything from basic surgical instrumentation to advanced therapy tools. And in addition to simplifying work processes, our products have an overall implant clinical success rate of 99.6%*.

We Utilize Research and Experts

Our R&D teams collaborate closely with an international panel of experts who have extensive clinical and academic knowledge. We also invest in preclinical in vivo research, clinical trials, histological studies and in vitro laboratory studies. This utilization of research and experts ensures that our products are constantly aligned with market trends and advancements and that we are able to develop appropriate, top quality products.

We Enable the Digitalization of the Dental World

We embrace the technological changes involved in the digitalization of the dental world in order to support the present and future needs of our customers. Consequently, our digital CAD/CAM line offers a wide range of restoration products for our two implant connections. Additionally, our Guided Surgery Tool Kit supports guided surgery methods and enables dentists to select the software to use when planning surgeries, making their work easier and simpler.

We Train and Educate our Customers

We firmly believe that sharing our know-how, and experience is central to ensuring successful and effective implantology work. Every year, we provide more than 150 courses around the world, where we train our customers to be as professional and educated in the latest dental implantology procedures and workflow methods.

 * Strietzel F.P., Karmon B., Lorean A., Fischer P. P., Implant-prosthetic rehabilitation of the edentulous maxilla and mandible with immediately loaded implants preliminary data from a retrospective study, considering the time of implantation. JOMI The International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants 2011, V 26, 1: 139-147.

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