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Alpha-Bio Tec Marks 30 Years of Research and Innovation at the 27th Annual EAO Congress and Exhibition 

Alpha-Bio Tec is proud to be participating for the third time in the 27th Annual Scientific Congress and Exhibition hosted by EAO in Vienne, Austria, between October 11-13, 2018. Alpha-Bio Tec will state its 30 years of simplantology, in terms of technology and product development, which manifest itself through the constant commitment to excellence in the design and production of innovative and simplify dental solutions.

During the #EAOCONGRESS, Alpha-Bio Tec will be hosting a booth (#S03) in conjunction with the company’s Austrian and German distributors. At the booth, the company will be presenting the Alpha-Bio Tec Scientific Research Collaboration Program, designed for the sponsorship of universities, medical centers and researchers performing clinical and preclinical studies in the fields of dental implantology, tissue regeneration and dental prosthetics. Alpha-Bio Tec medical consultants Prof. Ofer Moses and Alpha-Bio Tec clinical trials manager Mrs. Helena Gryner will be on hand to provide all relevant information.

At the EAO research poster exhibition, delegates will have the unique opportunity of meeting Dr. Yaniv Mayer, who will be presenting one of the two studies selected by EOA: Biocompatibility and Osteoconductivity of PLCL Coated & Non-Coated Xenografts: An In-Vitro and Pre-Clinical Trial. The additional poster will be presented by Dr. Saverio Capodiferro: Short dental spiral implants placed by a progressive steps technique in the atrophic posterior maxilla: a personal 10 years follow-up on 80 implants.

Dr. Yaniv Mayer (Israel), Alpha-Bio Tec’s speaker, will present a lecture entitled “Biocompatibility and Osteoconductivity Of PLCL Coated & Non-Coated Xenografts: An In-Vitro and Pre-Clinical Trial”. This is an opportunity to hear him discussing the role of the bone's coating on the metabolic activity of the mesenchymal cells and as a result the regenerative response to the different xenografts in extraction sockets.

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Organizer: European Association for Osseointegration

October 2018


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