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Webinar: Minimally invasive maximal predictability

Join our webinar hosted by Dr. Gadi Schneider, DMD, Specialist in Periodontology.


April 6th, 13:30, GMT+3

pay attention to the time zone due to clock change

 Webinar topics: 

The lecture will deal with the most predictable way to treat the esthetic area with minimal invasive procedures. The lecture will discuss all the controversial issues regarding the esthetic area: Immediate/Delayed implantation, Flap/flapless, Bone augmentation, Soft tissue management and Immediate loading.  The lecture will introduce the “Triple zone technique”, A predictable surgical paradigm to treat the esthetic area according to clinical situation and types of the sockets. The “Triple Zone technique “ is based on clinical experience, up dated evidence based literature and clinical cases that will be presented at the lecture.


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 Dr. Gadi Schneider

Dr. Gadi Schneider received his DMD degree from the Hadassah School of Dentistry at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel in 2000, where he also completed his postgraduate studies in periodontology and received his European Federation Certificate of Periodontology in 2004.

Dr. Schneider has worked as an instructor and lecturer in the Hadassah School of Dentistry at the Hebrew University, and serves as a research and education consultant and lecturer at Alpha-Bio Tec's educational and training center. He also leads seminars and courses in implantology and implant surgery to colleagues in the field.

Dr. Schneider has a private practice which specializes in periodontics and implantology.


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Organizer: Alpha-Bio Tec

April 2020


Register for free! Link to webinar will be sent to your email 2 days before the webinar.

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