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Webinar: New trends and protocols in digital implant dentistry

Join our live  webinar hosted by Dr. Ernest Lucas-Taulé, DDs, MSc Implantologist and Oral Surgeon.


April 7th, 15:00 PM ,GMT+3

pay attention to the time zone due to clock change

  Webinar topics: 

 The digital revolution is changing the world that we live in, and dentistry is not getting behind that.

Technology moves on fast and the use of intra-oral scans, CBCT, planning software, CAD/CAM and 3D printers are changing the way we treat patients at the dental clinic.

Digital dentistry is the present and the future, and throughout this webinar, we will get to understand its different applications in the field of implantology and oral surgery.


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Dr. Ernest Lucas-Taulé

Dr. Ernest Lucas-Taulé received his DMD degree from the International University of Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain and has a master’s degree in oral surgery from the same institution.

Today, Dr. Lucas-Taulé is an associate professor in the oral and maxillofacial surgery department of the International University of Catalunya. He practices oral surgery and implantology in Spain and the United Kingdom.

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Organizer: Alpha-Bio Tec

April 2020


Register for free! Link to webinar will be sent to your email 2 days before the webinar.

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