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The Use of Implants in a Modern Digital Dental Practice

Alpha-Bio Tec believe in the digitalization of the dental world. This is why we have invested a considerable thought in a two-day academic seminar that can further advance your knowledge in implant dentistry and provide you tools for implementing digital work flow.
The seminar is intended for customers who wish to expand their knowledge and abilities in their modern dental practice by preforming digital advanced procedures.
The training will include theoretical background, step-by-step procedures, practical workshop and a live surgery.

The seminar will be conducted in English, by Dr. Alessandro Agnini and Dr. Andrea Agnini. The "Agnini Brothers" are leading, highly appriciated researchers and lecturers in their fields.
This seminar is taking place at their private clinic center, one of the most modern centers in Europe, located in Modena, Italy.







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Organizer: Alpha-Bio Tec

January 2018
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