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Webinar: Scientific background for research and development of dental implants: from vision to clinical implication.

 Speaker: Prof. Ofer Moses (Israel)


27 April 2020 14:00 GMT+3

Lecture abstract

Many factors have been found to influence the interfacial bonding between a dental implant and bone and thus the success of implants. Factors such as surgical technique, host bed, implant design, implant surface, material biocompatibility and loading conditions have all been shown to affect implant osseo-integration. Understanding these factors and applying them appropriately in the development of dental implants can lead to achieve predictable osseo-integration and thus minimizing potential implant failures. Developing a meticulous drilling protocol have a detrimental effect of implant surface and on bone healing. The effect of new conical connection on marginal bone loss, as was presented in the last EAO meeting in Lisbon Portugal, will discussed.

Collaboration with experts in histology is crucial to obtain high-quality results, and their correct interpretation ultimately indicates potential implications for academic and clinical use.

Meet the speaker

Prof. Ofer Moses

Prof. of Periodontology, School of Dental Medicine, Tel Aviv University, author/co-author of over 60 articles in peer review international journals, and dental implant consultant to biotechnology companies and chief scientist of implant companies (present and past). Scientific consultant of Israeli Health Ministry and Science Ministry chief scientist, reviewer of international science grant foundations, manuscript reviewer in several periodontal , dental implant and pharmaceutical international journals.

2013 Winner of the European prize of Basic science competition in dental implantology, a competition held in Dublin, Ireland.

Finalist at the European basic science research competitions held in Glasgow 2010, Dublin 2013  and  Rome2014 .   

Instructor in the post graduate program in Periodontology & dental implantology  at Tel Aviv university and in M.Sc. degree . Member of educational , research and graduate students final projects at the Dental Medicine School at the Tel Aviv University.  

Current fields of research includes different aspects of GBR, GTR , use of different biomaterials and dental implants in diabetic condition and gene expression during molecular events following GBR procedures and innovative grafting materials. Another major field of research is the influence of drilling protocol and implant neck design on bone to implant contact during early and late healing cascade.

Clinical expertize: Periodontal treatment, regenerative treatment, soft tissue and osseous aesthetic microsurgery (teeth and implants) dental implants, bone regeneration- advanced surgical solutions.


Venue Details

Organizer: Alpha-Bio Tec

April 2020


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