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May 2019

New Case report - NeO

Read our new case report "New Perspectives in the Treatment of the Severe Atrophic Posterior Maxilla" done by Dr. Fahim Atamni D.M.D.
February 2019

2019 Global Training & Education Activities

Check out our new trainingת courses & congresses around the world
January 2019

2019 Product Catalog!

Find new sophisticated and very simple to use products ,a side menu for easier navigation and an updated company profile in our 2019 product catalog.
December 2018

New NeO implant research!

Read Alpha- Bio Tec's latest research on "Socket-shield technique"
October 2018

New study: Low implant insertion torque allows minimal bone loss

A 2-year follow-up study using Alpha-Bio Tec's SPI Implants.
August 2018

New Case- Study Available on Our Science Section!

Read our new case study "Immediate Implants Placement with Simultaneus Bone Regeneration" done by Dr. Rafael Romer D.D.S. since 1994. Teaching for five years at the Emergency Unit of Facultad de Odontología (Dentistry University).
August 2018

Alpha- Bio's New implant package

Introducing a modern and easy to use package. designed for maximum comfort and enhanced ergonomics. The new mountless package with advanced grip drivers is easy-to-use and designed for maximum comfort and enhanced ergonomics.
July 2018

Alpha-Bio Tec Announces New Facility in Modi’in

Alpha-Bio Tec, a world-leader in the design and production of innovative implant and prosthetic solutions that simplify dental implantology, has announced the signing of a contract for a new facility in Modi’in, located between Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv.
June 2018

Alpha-Bio Tec Celebrate 30 years of Continuous Journey

We are excited to celebrate 30 years of our continuous simplantology journey, with you-our customers. Today, Alpha-Bio Tec is acknowledged in the industry because of the value it offers to its customers. You are testimony to all of our achievements and our total commitment to providing value through top quality, implant expertise, simplicity and our extensive rangeof education and training programs.
June 2018

New Ice implant research!

Read Alpha- Bio Tec's latest research published in Implant magazine "Bone loss around tapered implants with split coronal micro threads".
June 2018

Alpha-Bio's Clinical Documentation Booklet

This booklet summarizes in one place all our scientific information collected over the last few years. The booklet can be used as a great tool to show Health Care Professionals how and why our products are being used in certain procedures. It addition, each article or study included here, can be further explored when clicking on "The full article" link at the bottom of each page.
April 2018

2018 Regional Congresses

Alpha-Bio Tec is proud to be hosting 2 regional congresses in 2018. Europe Congress: Monaco, Monte-Carlo on October 18-19, 2018. Spanish and Latin American Congress: Cartagena, Colombia on November 23-24, 2018.
January 2018

Case Report summary: Narrow NeO Implants with Cone Connection for Restoration of Limited Width Ridges

The Use of Alpha-Bio Tec's Narrow NeO Implants with Cone Connection for Restoration of Limited Width Ridges
January 2018

2018 Product Catalog!

Our new product catalog is ready! In our 2018 product catalog you will find new sophisticated and very simple to use products ,a side menu for easier navigation and an updated company profile!
December 2017

Case Report summary: Performance of NeO Implants after Staged Lateral Wall Sinus Floor Augmentation in a Periodontally Compromised Patient

Performance of Alpha-Bio Tec's NeO Implants after Staged Lateral Wall Sinus Floor Augmentation in a Periodontally Compromised Patient
December 2017

2017 Global Training & Education Activities

Watch our 2017 courses & congresses around the world
October 2017

Case Report summary: Assisted Implant Rehabilitation in the Esthetic Zone

Assisted Implant Rehabilitation in the Esthetic Zone Using TI-Base on Narrow Diameter Implants (NICE)
August 2017

NeO Immediate Implantation & Loading

Flapless, Immediate Implantation & Immediate Loading with Socket Preservation in the Esthetic Area Using the Alpha-Bio Tec's NeO Implants
June 2017

New Improved Design AlphaUniverse Multi Unit Abutment System

Alpha-Bio Tec announced today regarding the global launch of a new, one-piece design for its AlphaUniverse Multi Unit restoration system. The AlphaUniverse Multi Unit restoration system is intended for use in various clinical procedures in the maxilla and mandible areas for partial or full edentulous. The system enables screw-retained restoration on either straight or tilted implants. It provides stability, durability and high reliability while preserving the soft tissue and the bone to achieve better esthetic results for the patient.
June 2017

NeO Implant Placement in a Glance

Deploying Alpha-Bio Tec’s NeO for Combined Immediate Post-extraction Implant and Flapless Implantation
June 2017

New Case- Study Available on Our Science Section!

You are welcome to read our new case study "Regenerative surgery: a clinical case from extraction to prosthetics" done by Dr. Luca Savio This case report describes the clinical steps involved in the rehabilitation of a missing tooth, from preextraction to prosthetic finalization.
March 2017

NEW Guided Surgery Tool Kit

Have you heard about our NEW Guided Surgery Tool Kit (GSTK)? This kit enhances your clinical digital work and adds the guided surgery option from the osteotomy stage through to implant insertion. Click Here to learn more  
March 2017

Watch our MAGIC!

This is our factory, here we produce our MAGIC!      
February 2017

Alpha-Bio Tec. Quality Department: Quality from the Very First Stage

The Quality Assurance Department of Alpha-Bio Tec. is known for its high standards and meticulous tests, to ensure that its customers receive the safest and best quality products. The laboratory has advanced equipment and instruments that enable it to carry out measurement tests and maintain controls. The laboratory has facilities for in-house calibration of the company’s measurement systems, including traceability for qualified laboratories overseas, and it operates according to the requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025 international standard. Unlike other companies where the quality assurance department focuses on the production stage and final tests of products Alpha-Bio Tec. is working according to the Quality by Design principle, hence Quality Engineering Department is a full partner right from the initial development stages. Thanks to its involvement in the development of new products, the quality engineering department can ensure the highest standards right from the beginning of the process. Its involvement at this stage, together with the production and all other relevant departments, contributes to creating a learning work environment: the product undergoes review processes at the various stages of development, and adjustments are made based on the results of sampling tests. This means that potential faults can be identified early on, leading to more efficient work methods, saving time and effort and reducing costs. In addition, the quality engineering department is responsible for maintaining high standards in the choice of suppliers, based on its own criteria, and handling product returns with rigorous failure investigations to determine what remedial action, if any, is required. The Alpha-Bio Tec. quality assurance department is at the forefront of the global implant industry, and as such represents one of the company’s basic values. In practice, the company’s quality policy, which calls for the investment of maximum resources in controlled and innovative development and production processes, ensures the production of high quality, safe products for patients, and compliance with international standards, giving physicians peace of mind, and a life time warranty.
July 2016

The European NeO Launch is set to go!

Alpha-Bio Tec is proud to announce the European launch of its new NeO dental implant system. After launching for the first time in Budapest, Hungary, we are now marking the next locations: Austria, Romania and Spain. Similar events will be held throughout the year in Italy, France, Poland and the Czech Republic.For further information please go to our event list.
July 2016

Narrow Prosthetic Launch

In our efforts to continuously improve our products, we are launching a modern and advancedextended line of narrow prosthetic parts.These restoration parts are a comprehensive solution for our Conical Hex Connection implants, which include the NICE Ø3.2 and NeO Ø3.5 , Ø3.2 intended for limited space.Restoration options include:* Cement retained restoration - a wide range of straight, angled and castable abutments*Screw retained restoration- Straight abutments: TCT-N, design for up to 30° diversion between implants- Angled abutments: UniBases with 17° and 30° which allow the connection of current UniCovers.*Overdenture Restoration - AlphaLoc abutments with dedicated CHC connection.Narrow Prosthetics line products are approved for sale in the following countries:Austria, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Cyprus ,Romania, Bulgaria Croatia, Malta, CzechRepublic, Hungary , Poland ,Latvia, Lithuania , Israel (private market).
May 2016

Alpha-Bio Tec. latest innovative research

Alpha-Bio Tec is committed to providing a cutting- edge solutions for Implantologists, alongside delivering innovative and inclusive research development. Go to Articles in our Research section to read more about it.
March 2016

Alpha-Bio Tec's Ambassadors Training on New Products

Alpha-Bio Tec is proud to conduct KOLs training on the outstanding NeO implant and the new advances line of Alpha-Bio's GRAFT products.  The unique, dedicated boutique event, which is taking place in Milan during March 11-13, gathers 30 leading speakers from all over the world. The first  day of the training focuses on the product training conducted by Dr. Gadi Schneider, Prof. Ofer Moses, Dr. Gianni Petrici, Atalia Birman and Eylam Oron. The second day is a practical workshop- "Advanced Presentation Techniques" delivered by Mr. Justin Rudzki.