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Envista Holdings Corporation

Danaher Corporation recently executed an Initial Public Offering transaction of several businesses within their portfolio forming a new public entity, Envista Holdings Corporation.  Alpha-Bio Tec was one of those businesses and now is pleased to become part of Envista. 

Envista, previously known as Danaher's Dental Platform, has been launched as an independent company that incorporates three companies: Kavo Kerr, Ormco and Nobel Biocare Systems (NBS), which consists of Alpha-Bio Tec, Orascoptic, Nobel, Implant Direct and Logon.

The formation of two companies is expected to create significant value for shareholders and professional growth opportunities for employees. However, it is not expected to adversely impact our customers.  Envista will continue to maintain a decentralized, customer-centric operating model, in which Alpha-Bio Tec will continue to go-to-market under our existing brand.

Alpha-Bio Tec relationship with it's customers will be maintained and all existing agreements will be honored. We remain committed to providing you the same level of customer service and support as you have come to expect from us.

We value our relationship and look forward to continuing to serve you in the years ahead.