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Our Green Production Facility

Alpha-Bio Tec maintains the highest international quality standards in its products, production processes, customer service and manpower. In keeping with our longstanding commitment to Green quality standards, the natural evolution of the company’s production facility meets high environmental standards. We take great pride in that Alpha-Bio Tec’s production facility is regarded as one of the most environmentally advanced facilities in Israel, featuring innovative Green technology that helps protect and maintain the environment.


In accordance with the Green production facility, Green operations and Green offices, Alpha-Bio Tec has adopted stringent Green building standards. These include site selection, structural environment, water and energy savings, clean air protection, material and resource use, indoor environmental quality and design innovation, as follows.

  • Smart Computer Systems - Control and regulate the air conditioning system based on outside temperatures, reducing energy consumption.
  • Efficient Lighting Elements - Building is designed and constructed to ensure minimum energy loss.
  • Clean Air - Air circulation in the production facility is filtered via advanced systems that carefully absorb oils in the air and prevent impure emissions, while in the R&D (Chemistry) labs, the air is filtered and circulated as clean air.
  • Chemical Monitoring - Sewage plants are inspected regularly for contaminant levels in accordance with stringent Ministry of Environmental Protection regulations.
  • Recycling - All facility waste is divided according to type and is collected and either recycled or when required, destroyed.

 Alpha-Bio Tec is committed to its ongoing contribution to “Green” and to protecting the environment throughout all of its production processes and manufacturing facilities.