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Launch of NeO Conical Standard (CS) Connection and Corresponding Restoration Line

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Conical Standard (CS) - a new NeO conical connection line. The line includes Ø 3.75, Ø 4.2 and Ø 5.0 mm implant diameters and a comprehensive line of prosthetic parts for all common restoration options, from single tooth to edentulous clinical cases.

The new CS platform has a 22° angle cone which enables a tight and consistent Abutment-Implant (AI) seal. The deep connection ensures a precise fit to reduce micro-movements with each and every part, while the 3.1 mm platform enables increased platform switching for enhanced esthetics and soft-tissue stability.


Aligned with our ongoing approach to release high-quality, simple-to-use products, the new prosthetic parts have been developed with special attention to long-term patient esthetics.  Consequently, all products in the line – from healing abutments through impression to final restoration – are compatible with each other in complete biological harmony. This means that all prosthetic parts perfectly match each other in design, thereby enhancing the long-term stability of soft tissue and providing improved esthetical results for patients.

All prosthetic parts are color-coded green for pre-and post-surgery identification of the CS parts, and are all compatible with current 1.25 mm and 1.5 mm prosthetic drivers.

The new CS prosthetic line supports fixed cement-retained and screw-retained restoration, along with over-denture and CAD/CAM restoration (CAD/ CAM restoration is currently available using Sirona-compatible parts; a comprehensive CAD/CAM line will be available by Q2.2018, based on regulatory restrictions).  

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