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Narrow Prosthetic Launch

In our efforts to continuously improve our products, we are launching a modern and advanced
extended line of narrow prosthetic parts.
These restoration parts are a comprehensive solution for our Conical Hex Connection implants, which include the NICE Ø3.2 and NeO Ø3.5 , Ø3.2 intended for limited space.

Restoration options include:
* Cement retained restoration - a wide range of straight, angled and castable abutments
*Screw retained restoration
- Straight abutments: TCT-N, design for up to 30° diversion between implants
- Angled abutments: UniBases with 17° and 30° which allow the connection of current UniCovers.
*Overdenture Restoration - AlphaLoc abutments with dedicated CHC connection.

Narrow Prosthetics line products are approved for sale in the following countries:
Austria, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Cyprus ,Romania, Bulgaria Croatia, Malta, Czech
Republic, Hungary , Poland ,Latvia, Lithuania , Israel (private market).