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Alpha-Bio Tec. Quality Department: Quality from the Very First Stage

The Quality Assurance Department of Alpha-Bio Tec. is known for its high standards and meticulous tests, to ensure that its customers receive the safest and best quality products.

The laboratory has advanced equipment and instruments that enable it to carry out measurement tests and maintain controls. The laboratory has facilities for in-house calibration of the company’s measurement systems, including traceability for qualified laboratories overseas, and it operates according to the requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025 international standard.

Unlike other companies where the quality assurance department focuses on the production stage and final tests of products Alpha-Bio Tec. is working according to the Quality by Design principle, hence Quality Engineering Department is a full partner right from the initial development stages. Thanks to its involvement in the development of new products, the quality engineering department can ensure the highest standards right from the beginning of the process. Its involvement at this stage, together with the production and all other relevant departments, contributes to creating a learning work environment: the product undergoes review processes at the various stages of development, and adjustments are made based on the results of sampling tests.

This means that potential faults can be identified early on, leading to more efficient work methods, saving time and effort and reducing costs.

 In addition, the quality engineering department is responsible for maintaining high standards in the choice of suppliers, based on its own criteria, and handling product returns with rigorous failure investigations to determine what remedial action, if any, is required.

 The Alpha-Bio Tec. quality assurance department is at the forefront of the global implant industry, and as such represents one of the company’s basic values. In practice, the company’s quality policy, which calls for the investment of maximum resources in controlled and innovative development and production processes, ensures the production of high quality, safe products for patients, and compliance with international standards, giving physicians peace of mind, and a life time warranty.