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Up Close and Personal: Video Interview with Dr. Ophir Fromovich, the founder of Alpha-Bio Tec.
We have recently had the privilege of sitting down with Alpha-Bio Tec.'s founder, Dr. Ophir Fromovich, to talk about his incredible journey – from his childhood dreams 💭, to his days as a dental student abroad 👨‍🎓‍🎓🦷, and to those who inspired him most in life🙏🏻.
He speaks candidly about his vision and his infinite desire to create all things new ✨, alongside his uniquely innovative implant procedures, bringing his many dreams to fruition 💡➡️💫.
Fromovich cites the importance of serving his patients, enhancing the patient experience, and how the last three decades have not quenched his desire to learn, to teach, and to grow 🌱.
Visit our new blog The Link to watch the full interview: