Conical Hex Connection
Available in selected countries only, according regulatory approval.


Alpha-Bio Tec introduces a comprehensive range of CAD/CAM restoration products for Conical platform. All products feature original Alpha-bio Tec connections with the exact tolerances, ensuring best reliable implant to restoration fit, and offer solutions for single tooth and bridge restorations.

Dual Use Scan Bodies (for lab and/or Intra-oral use) Unique geometry for accurate transfer of implant position, trajectory and orientation to the CAD system. Peek body and titanium base for accurate, long lasting use. The scan bodies are biocompatible and autoclavable.

Titanium Bases used as abutments for digital restorations at implant level with Alpha-Bio Tec original implant connection. Parts available in a range of gingival heights, regular, wide or angled shape.

Adhesive Copings used as adapters for screw retained zirconium restorations at abutment level - multi-unit angled and straight abutments for bridges as well as single restorations. (TCT-N connection). Zirconia restorations may not withstand the screw forces, thus for cases where there is no plan for a metal frame, the adhesive coping is indicated.

Pre-milled Blanks used as a raw material for CAM fabrication of a single part (monolithic) titanium abutment.Original pre-milled implant connection is fabricated with the exact tolerances, ensuring best reliable implant to restoration fit. Fits Medentika’s® Preface abutment holder.

CAD CAM Libraries Software libraries contain all relevant Cad/Cam parts - Scan Bodies, Ti-Bases, Adhesive Copings, Screws, Analogs and Pre-Milled Blanks. Alpha-bio Tec. libraries enable simple and easy design and manufacturing of your restorations and support all Alpha-Bio Tec. implant platforms. All products are available and supported by leading CAD/CAM systems. Please refer to Download Center on website to download our libraries. 


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