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26th Annual EAO Congress

Alpha-Bio Tec is proud to be participating in the 26th Annual Scientific Congress and Exhibition hosted by EAO (the European Association for Osseointegration) and SEPES (Sociedad Española de Prótesis Estomatológica y Estética) in Spain, Madrid, between October 5-7, 2017. One of the best international scientific events in implant dentistry, the 3-day gathering includes a science-based forum for professionals interested in the art and science of osseointegration, and a large exhibition of global vendors and suppliers.

NOT TO BE MISSED AT EAO! Alpha-Bio Tec Booth #S24:

During the event, Alpha-Bio Tec will be hosting a booth (#S24) in conjunction with the company’s Spanish distributor, Alpha-Bio Spain - Medical 10. At the booth, the company will be launching the Alpha-Bio Tec Scientific Research Collaboration Program, designed for the sponsorship of universities, medical centers and researchers performing clinical and preclinical studies in the fields of dental implantology, tissue regeneration and dental prosthetics. Alpha-Bio Tec medical consultants Prof. Ofer Moses and Dr. Rafael Römer, and Alpha-Bio Tec clinical trials manager Mrs. Helena Gryner will be on hand to provide all relevant information. The booth will also be showcasing the new, innovative NeO implant, which is active and gentle to the bone, and also contributes to top-level aesthetic results, as well as Alpha-Bio Tec’s line of products that support digital solutions, including the market-winning CAD/CAM and guided surgery tool kit.

At the EAO research poster exhibition, delegates will have the unique opportunity of meeting Alpha-Bio Tec medical consultants and researchers Prof. Ofer Moses, Dr. Zoabi Hasan who will be presenting two studies selected by EOA: In-Vitro Comparative Study of Bacterial Growth on Grooved and Non-Grooved Healing Abutments (abstract no. 6772), and The Effect of Coronal Implant Design and Drilling Protocol on Bone-to-Implant Contact (abstract no. 7335).

Finally, Alpha-Bio Tec will be hosting a Lunch Symposia entitled “The Way to Ithaka: From Vision to Clinical Implication”. This is an opportunity to hear researchers Prof. Ofer Moses (Israel) and Prof. Dieter Bosshardt (Switzerland) discuss the combination of vision, open minds, animal models and surgical skills in revolutionary surgical solutions exploring implant housing biology, and about collaboration with histology experts to obtain high-quality results and the implications for academic and clinical use.

“Alpha-Bio Tec’s participation at this congress enables us to present and reinforce our connection with academic research around the world”, states Boaz Maayan, Alpha-Bio Tec VP Global Sales. “It illustrates the fact that in addition to being a manufacturer of dental implantology products, we collaborate and invest in cutting-edge research to supply our customers with advanced technologies and solutions.”

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