Boris Tsatskis


Russian, Hebrew

Master Dental Technician
Between 1982-1990, Mr. Tsatskis was a faculty member in the Dental Technician Section of Kiev Medical School, Russia. In 1991, he founded and served as CEO of the Rishon LeZion Dental Center in Israel. In 2005, Mr. Tsatskis became CEO of Isradentor, a comprehensive training center for dentists and dental technicians.

Lectures and Courses

  • Prosthetic protocols in complex cases - success criteria in implant-supported prostheses.
  • Actual dentist-technician interaction at every implant treatment stage, including planning and manufacturing stages in implant-supported fixed and attached prostheses.
  • Prosthetic protocols in complex cases - a dialog between prosthetic dentists and dental technicians.
  • Prosthetic protocols - a regulation for prosthetic dentists and dental technicians, a technical instruction, or a guideline for creativity?
  • Conflicts and Potential Solutions in implant-supported prosthesis