Dr. Amir Gazmawe


Hebrew & English

Specialist in prosthodontics and maxillofacial rehabilitation

Dr. Gazmawe received his Dental Diploma from the Hebrew University at Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem in 2002. In 2008, Dr. Gazmawe finished a 4-year post-graduate program in Prosthodontics at the Hadassah Medical Center. 

Between the years 2002 to 2007, Dr. Gazmawe worked as a clinical guide for undergraduate students at the Hebrew University and later a member of the Implant Prosthetic Center at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, working as a guide for the post-graduate dentists and as a lecturer. In the years 2010-2012 worked as a reference guide in the Medically compromised patients unit at Poria Hospital in Tiberias and research center.

Dr Gazmawe finished his second specialty in maxillofacial rehabilitation at RAMBAM Medical Center in 2022 and today is part of the apartment of prosthodontics and maxillofacial rehabilitation.

Dr. Gazmawe is a senior specialist and senior guide in the post-graduate center at Rambam Hospital, the biggest hospital in the north of Israel.

Dr Gazmawe is the main clinical instructor for implant prosthodontics in leading implant companies. presented at many important international congresses as a keynote speaker and performed live surgeries and workshops.

Dr Gazmawe presented lectures and workshops for treating complicated cases with implant-supported prosthetics, cosmetic dentistry, and CAD/CAM technologies.

Dr. Gazmawe practices Implantology surgery and prosthodontics in a private clinic in Ramat-Hasharon equipped with all contemporary digital facilities.

Lectures Topics:
  • The use of tilted implants for restoring atrophic jaws: Indications, planning, clinical consideration, and step-by-step procedures. 
  • Basic prosthodontics course.
  • Advanced prosthodontics course. 
  • Basic and advanced lectures in Digital dentistry CAD/CAM implant prosthesis and materials Hands-on courses for implant planning, guiding and impression taking, and conventional and intra-oral scanning using CADQCAM techniques. 
  • Financial ergonomics of time and facilities in the dental office during the digital era.