Prof. Fahim Atamni


English, Hebrew, German

Dr. Atamni received his doctorate in dental medicine from Johann Wolfgang Goethe University (JWGU), Frankfurt am Main, Germany in 1987, and between 1985-1989, he specialized in oral surgery at the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at JWGU. Between 2004-2017, Dr. Atamni was involved in postdoctoral studies in oral implantology at USMF University in Moldova, which resulted in receipt of his doctor habilitate title from that university for his medical science thesis on “Dental Implant Placement in Posterior Edentulous Maxilla”. 

Dr. Atamni’s research interests focus on sinus floor augmentation and evidence-based evaluation of different treatment modalities of the atrophic posterior maxilla and GBR. He participates in the quest to improve and evaluate new minimally invasive surgical techniques of sinus floor augmentation. Today, he runs private practices for oral surgery and implantology in Tel Aviv, Kfar-Saba, and Baka El Garbia, Israel. 

Dr. Atamni is the author and co-author of over 40 scientific publications in the field of maxillary sinus floor augmentation and alternative methods. He has been a guest speaker at a range of annual scientific meetings of the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO).

Lectures Topics:

  • Management of the posterior maxilla – treatment concepts and alternative implant treatment concepts in the posterior maxilla – sinus floor elevation and alternatives 
  • Lateral wall sinus augmentation - avoiding pitfalls through current maxillary sinus augmentation - state-of-the-art predictability and clinical recommendations 
  • Maxillary sinus augmentation – common issues and guidelines for dental surgeons Alternative methods for implantation to avoid sinus grafting 
  • Lateral wall sinus augmentation vs. trans-crestal sinus floor elevation (TCSFE) without bone grafts – intra-sinus bone formation 
  • Flapless and graftless trans-crestal sinus floor elevation – intra-sinusal bone formation 
  • Solutions for the rehabilitation of the atrophic posterior maxilla posterior maxilla reconstruction – current and future trends 
  • New bone formation following sinus membrane elevation without bone grafting complications associated with sinus augmentation – learning from mistakes/complications associated with sinus grafting procedures – management and preven