Powerful and yet, remarkably gentle to the bone.

MultiNeO™, previously known as NeO implant, is the next generation of Alpha-Bio Tec's original Spiral™ dental implant. It is an active, cutting-edge dental implant that easily penetrates and navigates the osteotomy of all bone types while preserving the bone. This simplifies even the most complicated immediate procedures.

The implant is balanced to perfection due to its state-of-the-art design which combines innovative stress reduction elements and primary stability enhancers.

The complete MultiNeO™ system includes three connections: Conical Standard connection (CS), Conical Narrow connection (CHC) and Internal Hex connection (IH), providing a variety of options to choose from.

Special cutting flutes, micro threads and 
platform switching

Reduced pressure on the cortical bone Improved bone preservation High initial stability

Innovative thread design with 
two micro threads and sharp 
attack angle

High cutting efficiency High primary stability in both
soft and hard bone types
Greater surface area (BIC)

Unique centering feature and gripping tips*, 
sharp and deep threads, 
condensing flutes.

High & firm primary engagement Easy navigation and penetration High cutting efficiency

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features and clinical benefits
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One implant, multiple options

The MultiNeO™ system includes a narrow and standard implant line with a choice of 3 implant-abutment connection platforms (Conical Standard connection - CS, Conical Narrow connection - CHC and Internal Hex connection - IH), as well as a variety of diameters and sizes.

The system is fully compatible to our current prosthetic parts and CAD/CAM restoration line. The Conical Standard connection (CS) features a dedicated restoration line with a unique design. All parts correspond with each other in complete harmony, enabling improved functionality, esthetics and a perfect biological fit.

The system is supported by an advanced line of step and straight drills, drill stoppers and grip drivers, specially developed for each platform. MultiNeO™'s packaging is mountless and color-coded according to implant lengths.


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Scientific data, pre-clinical studies, surface purity and clinical results.

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Dimensions, diameters, reference numbers and drilling protocol

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